Friday, February 11, 2011

Elaine Littau, Author, Friend, Encourager

I think I need to start this post with some clarification. Today is Friday, the second Friday since I began “Friday’s Rants and Raves” on my blog. I should have titled Friday’s posts simply “Friday’s Raves” because long ago, I gave up the horrible habit of complaining, at least for the most part. (God is still working on me) Therefore, I cannot think of any subject that I would willingly rant about on my blog. So, I am proceeding with “Friday’s Raves.” Enjoy!

Today I want to talk about someone who has helped me a great deal in the area of writing. This person willingly, and with a tender heart, encourages writers all around her. Her humble spirit and kind heart are an example to us all.

When I first signed with Tate Publishing my searching led me to a couple of Tate authors. Today, I want to tell you about one of them, Elaine Littau.

Elaine Littau has published three novels, Nan’s Journey, Elk’s Resolve and Luke’s Legacy. I own and have read all three of them.

Here is a short review of Nan’s Journey: My early assumption that this book was for young adult females was totally dispelled when I read Nan's Journey. I found the story of this young girl/turned woman, the heartache and pain she endures, to touch me deeply. Her ability to love through all that she goes through gives us, the readers, an example for our own lives. Her eventual trust in God is the culmination of putting her heart on the line and recognizing her own short comings. Elaine has done a fantastic job of bringing the past into the present!

A review of Elk’s Resolve: Perhaps because I had just read Nan's Journey, Elaine's first novel, I greatly anticipated reading Elk's Resolve. I was not disappointed. Elk, a young white man who was raised as a Native American, sought the answers to the questions that men are still asking themselves today, "Who am I?" and "What is my purpose?". I was delighted at being a sideline participant in Elk's search, or resolve, in finding the answers to these questions and so many more! Excellent reading!

A review of Luke’s Legacy: Luke’s Legacy by Elaine Littau
After reading both Nan’s Journey and Elk’s Resolve, I had high expectations for Ms. Littau’s third novel, Luke’s Legacy. She did not disappoint. Luke’s Legacy is a story of struggles, of determination, of finding love and hanging on to it. Luke and Purdy find themselves in a relationship that is built on mutual desires and commonalities. When their relationship is put to the test, it seems the easy thing to do is go their own way. Their trust in God and the realization that their feelings run much deeper than friendship binds their commitment, bringing them joy in the midst of sorrow.

While I highly recommend all three books, and enjoyed them immensely, I am so much more thankful for the friendship I have found with Elaine. She has been an encourager to me from the start. In her, I found wisdom, a dear friend, a prayer partner and someone who is always willing to listen and answer questions to the best of her ability. I have noticed over the past year, I never see her complain. She is always positive, always finding the good in people and in situations. I seek her often to get advice and to benefit from the fact she has been where I am.

Thank you Elaine, I appreciate you, pray for you, and am thankful for you each and every day.

Currently Elaine is running a promotion for speaking events. If you are interested in having her come to your meeting and speak, your name will entered in a drawing for a free Kindle. You must have a minimum of 10 people at your event. This event can take place at your home, church, writer’s group etc. If you have any questions, please contact her directly. Her website and blog addresses are: and

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