Friday, November 19, 2010

Becoming Women of God Called to a Higher Purpose

For the past couple of months I have had quite the conundrum. There haven’t been any new posts to my blog for a while now. I wouldn’t quite call it writer’s block, as I could have written pretty much anything about any subject. Perhaps, being a writer who is first and foremost a Christian played a bigger part in the lack of writing on my part.
Up until this point, I have written about various topics, all completely random, no purpose or end in mind. I was like a small child learning to take her first steps. Seeing a random shiny object at the other side of the room, she decides to go for it and gets distracted along the way when something more attractive comes into view. That was me. My writings had no clear purpose. I have read that one should post to their blog at least once a week with two to three times per week being optimum. I was averaging once a month.
In both areas of my writing life, both my blog and the novel I am currently working on, I have been seeking the direction that God wants me to write in. Up until late last night, I was at a loss. What do I write? What should my subject matter be and what specific message(s) should I send.
Have you ever been in the dark about something, been praying about it, when suddenly God takes the blinders off your eyes and instantly, you see clearly? That is what happened to me last night. All of a sudden, God opened my eyes and showed me with clarity where I am to go. I love that about God. When He reveals something to me, maybe it’s the same for you, it is so obvious, makes so much sense, that I think I should have thought of that. God’s plan is perfect. He knows the big picture, the end result and everything in between. Each tiny detail is important to Him.
My first novel, Until Forever, is part of The Women of Prayer Series. The next few books I write will be part of this series as well. While each novel is a stand alone story, praying for and mentoring young Christian women is a common theme in each of them. What my blog is now going to focus on is the practical real life applications that the women in my books learn and work through. In essence, the blog is going to focus on becoming women of God that are called to a higher purpose. Some posts may be humorous and poignant, others may be blunt and to the point. You will not find anything politically correct here. Each post will be written to an audience of one, me. I realize that there is much God needs to do in my life to ready me for His purpose and plan. I pray you find yourself being challenged to change and grow as well. We are women of the most high God and He has great plans for us; plans that require us to be ready to go forth when called to do so. We must have oil in our lamps and our wicks trimmed. I am looking forward to traveling this journey with you. Together, we shall go forth.

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