Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Glory of Creation

“Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.” Revelation 4:11

I counted thirteen pieces of original artwork hanging on our refrigerator. A finger painting and several Sunday school pieces by my seven year old son, original photography by my 18 year old daughter, a rainbow made out of magnets by my daughter’s boyfriend and several handmade magnets crafted by my own hand were all proudly displayed and screaming, look at me, am I not beautiful? My husband’s creative contributions include funny songs made up on the spot. The kids join in and laughter fills every corner of our home. The original writings that flow from my husband, daughter and me are yet another form of creativity we find joy in. Each creative work seeks an audience and accolades.

The finger painting looks nothing like the evening sunset that God painted in our western sky. Or does it? The songs created and sung in our home do not sound like choirs of angels around the throne of God. Or do they? The words written, flowing from the vivid use of imaginations are of no comparison to the inspired Word of God. Or are they? Did God not create us in His very image? When Jesus walked the earth, did He not say we would do even greater things than He did? When God created the seas and the mountains, did He not seek an audience and accolades?

As I writer, I often find myself seeking the approval of man yet there are times I find myself wallowing in a pit of false humility. Did God really say, “Oh, it’s not much; just a little something I threw together”, when speaking of His creation? No, He did not. When God points to the mountain top and clears the fog so we can view the mountain in all of its splendor and majesty is He making excuses for it? No, He is not. Why then do I? When I write, I write with the will of God at the forefront of my thoughts. He has called me to do what I do. He considers me worthy of the calling and has lined up my talents so they are in alignment with His direction for my life. I write for the pleasure of God. I write so that He may receive all the glory, honour and power due Him. I take pride, yes I said pride, in what He has called me to do. Not a puffed up pride, but a pride that is birthed from humbleness and humility in the awesome privilege it is to serve such a creative God.

Creator of the universe, thank you for allowing me the great privilege to be creative. Remind me in everything I do; I do it for You. Humble me when necessary. Lift me up when You see fit. Search my heart and know me. Amen.

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