Thursday, January 16, 2014

Publish Yourself For Free?

Seven years ago when I finished writing my first novel, my husband and I had no idea where to turn for publishing. We were at a loss. Fast forward to today. We now have our own publishing company (with eight of our own titles and counting).

People have asked us repeatedly, what happened that made the difference? What in the world did you do during those seven years to get where you are today? Can you teach us to do the same thing? In answer to those questions we wrote a small, but impactful book, called 40 Day Publishing, an Author’s Workbook and Step by Step Guide to Self-Publishing in Eight Weeks or Less.

Little did we know at the time we were starting a revolution that would turn the publishing world on its ear. No longer would authors feel the need to grovel at the doorstep of publishing houses hoping for a meager advance or a pittance for a royalty. No longer would authors have to shell out thousands of hard earned dollars to be “partners” with so called “reputable” subsidy publishers.

Finally, authors are being empowered with the knowledge and tools to publish themselves under their own publishing companies. We want you, the author, to tell your story, share your message, and change the world, one book at a time.

You CAN publish yourself for free. We are giving away a limited number of paperback copies of 40 Day Publishing. This book will teach you how to go from finished manuscript to published author in 40 days or less AND be in business for yourself with your very own publishing company!

This book normally retails for $14.97 plus shipping, handling and tax when purchased through Amazon. All we ask is you cover shipping and handling costs of only $6.95. This offer is only available through our website link for 40 Day Publishing, An Author’s Workbook and Step by Step Guide to Self-Publishing in Eight Weeks or Less!

Why are we doing this? We really need your help. We want this book to be in the hands of authors everywhere. To do that, we need you to review this book, good or bad, and leave a review on Amazon. Together we can empower every author.

We’ve also found from experience that some of you are hands on learners. You are the ones who would benefit from an intensive four day weekend filled with workshops to teach you the skills necessary to publish your work on your own. We call this 4 Day Publishing (nicknamed: 40 Day Publishing on Steroids!). Not only will you learn the skill set to publish yourself, but your edited finished manuscript will be published by the end of the four day intensive. Just think, you will have your very own publishing company with your very first book published in just four days. Congratulations!

If this idea intrigues you, visit our website to learn more about 40 Day Publishing 4 Day Intensive Writer’s Weekend.

Seven years? Eight weeks? Four days? It’s up to you. Just make a decision and follow through. We’ll help you.

Dan and Darlene

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