Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Transformation Takes Time

My son guzzled his breakfast replacement shake then asked “Mom, aren’t we supposed to take ‘after’ pictures?"

I started laughing. Just like a ten year old to think that transformation takes place after drinking his very first shake. You see, our family has committed to transforming our health. We have changed our eating habits as well as our exercise routines. We are watching what we eat and when we eat it and we are exercising every day. Already we feel better. And yes, we have lost some of those extra pounds we have been carrying for years.

The thing is, we didn’t get this way overnight and it’s going to take longer than a day to correct the problem. We’ve been abusing our bodies for years. Transformation will take time.

Anything worth doing takes time. Whether you want to lose weight, build a business, write a book, or attain financial security, you will do well if you remember, transformation takes time.

Why is it then, we always want what we want when we want it and we expect God to get it, or do it, or fix it, or answer it the very minute we ask?

Maybe God has something else in mind. Maybe God is working on us as a fine artist works on his painting, or a woodworker on his wood. God isn’t in to quick fixes. He isn’t in to masking problems without dealing with the root issues.

Often times I get discouraged with something I have or haven’t done and while I know God covers me with His grace and mercy, I become restless in my quest to become more like Him. Therefore I become discouraged with myself. I expect more. I expect change to happen faster. I expect Him to snap His fingers and like a puff of smoke, I expect my character flaw to disappear.

Yet God is working through my flaws to make the real me shine. He is using my insecurities to show Himself faithful and true. He is using my imperfection to show the world His perfection. He is using my weakness to illustrate His strength.

Transformation takes time. He’s still working on me. He’s still bending and molding, shaping and plying me and when I am finished, what a sight that will be. Not because of anything I am or capable of, but because of Him and His ability to create and perfect will I shine like never before.

I am but clay in the Potter’s hands.

Transforation. Takes. Time.

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