Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Target Practice

Do you have a target on your back?

If you are a Christian, I should hope so!

I was at an event this past weekend and as I was sharing about my latest book release, Forever Loved, the children’s pastor of this particular church told me I have a target on my back. She went on to talk about the message her pastor shared on Sunday about as Christians, we should have a target on our back.

Kind of like…Here’s your sign! An open door policy to the stuff I believe. Or perhaps putting it all out there for the world to see? Being courageous enough to stand up for what you believe in? Speaking the truth especially when the truth is unpopular?

Whatever you call it, or however you describe it, are you doing it? Are you placing that target on your back? Are you being bold for Christ?

I told her about my books in order. “You see, my first one, Until Forever, deals with a dad who drives drunk with his four year old son in the backseat. No one will argue with how absurd that is. As for Forever Blessed, not too many people would openly admit they think domestic violence is a good thing. Know what I mean?” She heartily agreed. “And The Letter deals with healing broken relationships. That is a good thing no matter what your political or religious beliefs are.” I made a face. “But, Forever Loved deals with homosexuality. And that will stir lots of emotions. Trust me on that. And I’ll get lots of grief for writing it.”

She pointed to my new book. “This is your target.” She smiled, congratulating me on being bold for Christ.

Why do so many Christians today want to hide amongst the “regular” folk and not make waves?

We’re not regular. We’ll always be a peculiar people.

Are the darts the problem? Are we afraid we might get nicked with a poison tip? We very well may be, but are we that weak that we can’t take one for Christ? I mean, how many did He take for us? Let’s see…nails in both hands and feet, a sword in his side, a crown of thorns on his head, lashes across his back, and let’s not forget hanging on the cross. The pain had to be unbearable. Even for God. But He did it anyway.

He took every arrow that had any power behind it at all, that was aimed straight at our backs, all upon Him. How is that for a target?

Still apprehensive about putting that target on your back? I didn’t think so.

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