Monday, October 24, 2011

Denomination Abomination

Recently, I have been wondering…why all the different denominations and why can’t we all just get along?

It reminds me of the school playground. Suzie hogs the jump rope. Joey is a bully. Mary Beth cheats at hopscotch and Janie is whispering about the new girl with the red hair.

Again I ask…why can’t we all just get along?

Let me say this. I have no problem with denominations. If we are working together, operating as one church, we are good. It’s when we are so self focused, when we cannot work together to accomplish a common goal, is when I think of the term “denomination, abomination!”

The thing is, we are not children on the school playground. Nope, instead, we are adults playing church!

Is there a reason we can’t pray together? Break bread together? Help one another? Are we not all the church? Do you really think speaking in tongues, or not, depending on which denomination abomination you are part of, will send you to hell?

Do you not know what we can accomplish if we work together?

The Catholics won’t acknowledge the Pentecostals and the Baptists turn their noses up at the Methodists. The Lutherans one up the Presbyterians and the non-denominationals have everyone just plain confused. I mean, exactly what do they stand for?

Nonsense! All of it!

I have an idea. What if we all put aside our petty differences and work together to further the Kingdom of God? What if we walked side by side and stood up for Jesus Christ? He is the core of our beliefs…correct? We all believe he was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on a cross and three days later was resurrected so we might have eternal life, right?

Then…what is the problem?

So, you baptize in Jesus name and the other one baptizes in the name of the Father , Son and the Holy Spirit. So, we raise our hands and do a jig during worship and you serenely stand still in reverent awe of our Lord Jesus Christ. One sprinkles and one immerses. One service lasts 45 minutes and one service lasts 3 hours.

Who cares? I mean, really????

Is our focus on growing our own church…or growing the kingdom of God? Is our goal to further our selves? Or is it to plant, water and harvest for Jesus Christ?

We need to decide what it is we are doing here and why we are doing it. Let’s stop playing church and get serious!

Satan wants nothing more than to keep us occupied with fighting each other. I bet he sits back and laughs. We are kicking our selves in the butt!

You want to see results? Stop being more concerned with who goes to which church and which church is right and start being more concerned with who does and does not know Jesus. That should be our focus.

I can tell you this, there are things right with every church and there are things wrong with every church. We are human. We mess up. The important thing is we are where God has called us to be. Pray. Ask Him. He’ll let us know.

And other thing, start working with the church across the street. They need us as much as we need them. We are all one body and right now, we have arms and legs, fingers and toes…heads and torsos planted all over every city, dying. Imagine if we operated as one body…imagine the damage we could do if all those body parts were joined together to create one body. Imagine the holes we could put in the enemies plan!

Come on church! Let’s stop the denomination abomination and start being who Christ called us to be!


  1. totally disagreed with this ---I spent 31 years as a catholic BIG differences in the BIBLE and catholic teaching and preaching Thank GOD I was set free!

  2. Jackie...I know some Catholics that are true Christians and love the Lord with all their heart. This post is for the churches and Christians who are actual Christians. Not those who are posing. Every church has it's fair share of those who are in attendance for appearance sake. So, we shouldn't help the Catholic church down the street feed meals to the poor because some Catholics worship Mary?

  3. I loved your post. While we were in ministry for eight years in one particular small town, my husband made it one of his primary missions to work with the other churches in the town (including the Catholic church - there were only five churches!) It was the most beautiful time. We ended up with a prayer service at a different church each month hosted by that church. it was always well attended by all. We did other things together too like a huge Christmas banquet for the town, food bank, shelter etc. There was such love an camaraderie between us when we focused on what we had in common instead of what made us different. I enjoyed the different flavor of each service,too, and we even sometimes shared the services. The Catholic priest was born again and preached at our Pentecostal church, and my husband, a Pentecostal, shared a message at the Catholic church! I think this experience was not the norm, unfortunately...

  4. Tracy, I am so glad there are pastors out there who think like your husband. I had a discussion with a Church of God pastor yesterday whose church is across the street from the Baptist church. They too go to one another's services. The Baptist pastor borrowed annointing oil one day because a guy wanted to be annointed with oil and they didn't have any. Reminded me of neighbors borrowing flour from one another. We need more of this kind of attitude in our churches. Thanks for sharing!

  5. How sad is it that Satan's army is more unified than ours? A divided house cannot stand. Preach it my friend! :)

  6. Love, love, love your post, Darlene! I completely agree with you. Someone once told me that Christians can be the most cannibalistic group of people, and sadly, this is true when it comes to denominations.

    My family is a mix of Catholic, Lutheran, Missionary Baptist, Southern Baptist, Assembly. Needless to say, I've been to all of these churches, and I once joined a Methodist church. You can imagine my surprise when I first moved to Oklahoma and heard a particular denomination publicly criticizing First Assembly churches and spewing vile opinions on Catholicism. So sad that Satan was using them to further his kingdom, and they didn't even know it.

    My husband was raised Southern Baptist but now we attend a non-denominational church. I'm not one to get bogged down with the little things that separate the denominations.

    Thank you for your clear insights. I'm glad that you are fearless when it comes to sharing the truth.

  7. This is a timely message. Time is far spent for the Church to put aside the so-call differances and embrace the common(and most important)goal of advancing the Kingdom of God. How sad that we have Denominational Predujice running rapid in the Body of Christ. The sad truth is this, we are only hindering the FULL GLORY of the Father and His purpose from manifesting;winning more souls for Christ. Unity begins with U N I.