Saturday, October 29, 2011

Amanda Stephan's Great New Novel, Lonely Hearts

Recently, I had the opportunity to read a great new novel by an awesome friend of mine, Amanda Stephan. Her novel, Lonely Hearts, will be launched on Tuesday, November 1, 2011. If you purchase a copy on Amazon on Tuesday, your name will be entered in a drawing to win a Nook, Kindle and an I-pod Shuffle. I highly recommend this book and am excited to be a part of something so awesome!

Here is a little note from Amanda:

Why I Write Christian Fiction ~

The young man did a double take at my banner and gave me a skeptical look. His dark brown hair swept across his forehead as he held a bag to his chest and a soft snort escaped his sneering mouth.
"Christian romance? Is there such a thing as that?"

This account is true. It is real. It is a conversation I have at every venue I go to. And my answer never changes.
Yes, there IS such a thing as Christian romance.

Having been married almost 18 years, I am a recipient of the best kind of romance. The lasting kind. The kind where the spouses accept and love one another even with the many faults and warts that come along with real people. If I became upset after every hardship or every time my husband *didn't* sweep me off my feet, we'd be divorced. True love happens everyday when we make a point to put someone else's needs in front of our own. True love is when you accept that apology, or better yet, offer an apology because of some hasty words that you let slip during your frustration. Or when you don't go to bed angry, because the argument wasn't that important to begin with. But better than this earthly love my husband and I share, is the agape love from my Heavenly Father who loves without condition and never forsakes.

I saw it in this young man. He was beyond skeptical. He was to the point of derision. And I had a chance to witness to him. I had the chance to tell him that yes, there is such a thing as Christian romance, and it's the best kind.

See, God didn't call me to be a missionary to an exotic land away from my home. He gave me a mission field right here. This is my purpose for writing. To help spread God's love and message to those who need it.

So many times, a book can go where a preacher or teacher cannot. A place where the heart is open but the ears closed. If my books can reach one person for God? I am honored!

Amanda, thank you for sharing! Go to on Tuesday, November 1 to order your copy and get some really great free gifts as well as to be entered into the drawing for the free Nook, Kindle and Ipod Shuffle.


  1. Thank you for introducing Amanda to us, Darlene. Amanda, great advice on how to have a lasting, fulfilling marriage. Congratulations on your book launch!

  2. Lovely to see you here! Thanks, Darlene, for showcasing Amanda. I love her work.

  3. Brandi, I loved her first novel, The Price of Trust as well. She is a great gal who I have had the privilege to get to know! Lisa, my sentiments exactly!

  4. Hey, me again. Just wanted to let you know that I awarded you the Tell Me About Yourself Blog Award. I'll be posting about it tomorrow. No pressure to participate if you're way busy, though :-)