Sunday, March 20, 2011

Testosterone and Dave Ramsey

Today we went and test drove a used F150. I admit the truck is nice. I’m going to have to get a ladder to climb into the thing (no running boards), but I tell you what, I felt like the queen of the road up that high. The truck rode nice, well it’s a truck, not a Cadillac, and so nice is relative. Ok, sure, I am a bit jazzed about getting it. Not looking forward to the fuel bills, but am looking forward to having a dependable vehicle. I believe that is a reasonable reaction to buying a big truck. Apparently, it’s not.

There is a word that I really haven’t had to use much; testosterone. I smile when I am chatting with friends about their husbands who fish and hunt (mine doesn’t). I love football (my guy doesn’t), in fact, I can pretty much watch any sport and cheer till I’m hoarse. My man falls asleep. I admit, he does watch alien movies and he congratulates our son when he stops up the…ok, TMI! (So? He’s not perfect!)

My hubby prefers to read and drink a great cup of coffee. I want to issue an apology to all the women out there who have to deal with that T-word. I can now empathize. Here’s what happened.

It was a perfectly normal Sunday morning. We went to church. We had some pizza at Rocky Rococo’s. Our plan for the rest of the afternoon was to kick back, watch a movie and maybe take a nap. Things changed. Things changed quickly.

We are in desperate need of a second vehicle. In order for me to speak at women’s Bible studies or attend other events, I need a vehicle. It has become a necessity. Our goal was to find a good deal, a Dave Ramsey kind of deal.

Here we were, driving home from church when I look across my husband and out his window and see a nice looking black truck with $2900 on the windshield.

Casually, (I really didn’t think I would cause a commotion here) I mentioned “There’s a black truck for sale for $2900.” My husband applied the brakes immediately, turned us around and bee lined for the truck. I’m not sure at this point he had any words. He pulled into the gravel drive, got out of the van, walked through mud and standing water, and stood looking at the sign on the windshield. Remember, he’s still in his church shoes! Later, he told me he thought it was going to say $12,900, not $2,900. Upon seeing the truck was truly advertised for $2900, he proceeded to walk to the passenger side where he memorized the phone number. He did not get out his phone and add it to contacts. He did not write it down. He memorized it.

I should have seen the testosterone kick in at this point. Another “here’s your sign” should have been our son who is in the back seat saying “Can we get the truck? Can we? Please?” I’m inexperienced, what can I say? My husband drove home with a grin plastered on his face.

An hour and a half later we were cruising down the road test driving the big black truck. I could see dollar bills floating in the air behind us. But it sure does feel nice being this high up! At this point, we did hold hands and pray. We really want to be in God’s will. (For the record, I had been praying the whole time, and felt completely at peace) We asked our son to join us in prayer. He closed his eyes and bowed his head and prayed: “God, can we have this truck?” He opened his eyes and said: “He said yes. We can have it.” How reassuring our eight year old has a direct line with our heavenly Father!

We drove around a country block, stopped in a friend’s driveway to check things out, talked about hopefully getting a deal and then proceeded to take the truck back to its owner. We pulled in and my husband (who facilitates Financial Peace University at our church) says to the owner “We have $2500 budgeted, but we can figure it out.”

HUH? Hello???? What happened to Dave? Remember him? Thankfully the owner said “Well, what can you do?” At his point my husband regained some of his senses and asked if we could meet in the middle, say $2700? To which the owner agreed. Tomorrow we pick up our new truck.

At this point in my post I usually have some great Biblical truth to tie in to my story. Today, this is what I have. I could chose to only see the negative side of getting “the big black truck.” Instead, I am choosing to see what I believe God did for us. We drove past the truck only a few hours after the owner put it up for sale. It is at least $2000 below its blue book value and $3500 below its NADA value. We are paying cash, so still no truck payment. I want my husband to be happy. This makes him happy. God loves to give us the desires of our heart. My husband has desired a truck for a long time. Now he has one.

Thank you Lord for blessing my husband, our marriage and our family. We are truly thankful.

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