Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Man!

My eyes followed the path of my husband’s focus to the obvious cause of his laughter. There was Leia, playing with a centipede. I don’t like bugs. I’m not sure if you got that. I really don’t like bugs. My husband was obviously enjoying the banter between “his” dog and this leggy creature. Ah…yes, even though spring doesn’t officially begin for another week or so, it’s been warm and the insects do not follow our calendar. They are back.

I wanted the bug dead. Dead as a doornail-dead, no longer sucking air-dead, no longer crawling on my floor-dead, yes, I think you’ve got the picture. So, I did what any sane woman would do.

I looked at my husband like he’d lost his mind and reminded him of his husbandly duty. “Hon, get the bug.”

In reply, he calmly told me “Leia is taking care if it.”

Incredulous! “Hon, she’s gonna get bit. Those things bite.”

Amazingly enough he actually said “I don’t like bugs.”

And I care…why? “Hon, you’re the man, get the bug!”

He sighed, got up, smashed the bug, and looked at the bottom of his shoe to show me the evidence. Ewww…but, at least it was dead!

There are certain jobs that fall to our men. I’m not talking about taking out the garbage, or mowing the lawn. I’m talking about the “show me you’re my man” jobs, like “protecting me from the huge woman eating centipede that is over taking my kitchen” kind of jobs! Let’s face it ladies, we like to be taken care of.

I can hear some of you now “What? I don’t need a man to take care of me. I can do it all!” Well, while that may be true, I will bet my whole allowance (how convenient that I don’t get one) that there are times you wish you had someone that loved you enough to protect you from anything and everything he possibly could.

When I am feeling sad, people have let me down, or the world has knocked the wind out me, there is nothing I love better than to crawl into my husband’s arms and be hugged. Somehow everything melts and I feel safe and loved once again. He has a way of making me feel like I am the only person in his world and there is no other place he’d rather be.

It isn’t coincidence that our marriage relationships are so much like Christ’s relationship with His bride, the church. He saw danger and He acted. He willingly gave His life to protect her, He loved her that much. There is nothing, neither in heaven nor hell, which will keep Him and His beloved apart. He crushed the biggest bug ever, the bug of sin and death. The bug that could have kept us from Him, He used His heel and crushed it. It is no more. No longer can we be bitten by that bug. The sting has been taken for us; upon the cross.

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