Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Musings of a 47 Year Old Woman!

I’ll admit it’s been a while since I’ve had a bit of discretionary cash in my pocket. Normally, we’re either paying bills, putting food on the table or investing back into our business. I’m not complaining mind you, it’s a choice and we believe it’s the right choice. By we, I am referring to my husband and I. Upon launching 40 Day Publishing we agreed that we will, as Dave Ramsey so eloquently puts it, live like no one else so we can live like no one else. We stand and live by that choice.

That being said, we agreed to a little spending money as our Christmas gift to one another. We haven’t given each other Christmas gifts in several years so the feeling in and of itself was quite exhilarating.

Oh what to spend my little pocket of change on???

We got ourselves a babysitter and off we went. First to lunch. Thankfully, I am feeling very well today. Still, I have the chicken. It’s easier on the gallbladder than the beef. A week from now I will be quite sore and doped up on narcotics. I’m glad I got an afternoon alone with my hubby before the surgery.

After looking around, I spot the restrooms and make a break for it. Whew.

Second stop, some odd electronics store. We’re in need of a camera. Nope, none there. I glance around but see no bathrooms. Darn.

Next stop, Best Buy. Ah…we purchased a camera, a tri pod, camera case, and an extra battery. We’re set. Everything was on sale. To top it all off, they give us a $15 gift card to thank us for our purchase. We put that aside to give our son for his birthday. Dog gone it…I was so excited I completely forgot about the bathroom! Ugh.

We need slippers. We found such a great deal at Payless Shoe store. I remember to look for bathrooms but alas, they have none. Next store!

I ran into a ladies clothing store while my hubby went into Mardel’s Christian Bookstore. I purchased a new robe and a pair of dress pants then caught up with Danny in the bookstore. Our son has been using the Action Bible and is getting to the point of needing a “more mature” Bible. We bought him an adventure Bible. Nice.

As we are getting into the car, I’m wiggling. I realized, once again, that I failed to find the bathroom in the bookstore. I know our next stop has no bathroom. Will I make it?

I hurried into Little Caesars and got a pepperoni pizza and some breadsticks. There is a line almost out the door. Somehow I manage. Somehow I make it back to the car and seriously think about doing the pee pee dance.

We pull into the driveway of our house and I’m making a run for it. Forget the coffee, the bags, the pizza…just give me a bathroom.

Our son says “Mom, aren’t you forgetting something.”

I reply “Just get out of my way!”

The moral of this story is…at the heart of the musings of a 47 year old woman you’re mostly looking at bathroom locations! Yep. Seriously.

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