Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Scapegoat

This week has been an interesting week to say the least. At least in the life of a certain celebrity chef. I have been following the news releases and trying to make sense of it all. One thing that stands out above all else is once upon a time Paula Deen used a derogatory word, a very long once upon a time ago. And now she is being crucified for it.

In our “love is key” world, this woman is not feeling the love. In fact, this type of behavior is what I would expect of the world. No grace, no mercy, no forgiveness and a long notebook that keeps track of all wrongs committed. In fact, I believe we are seeing the world’s true colors.

In a world that preaches tolerance and getting along we must question the motives behind the preaching. In other words, tolerance is expected for some circles, but others are left out in the cold. Paula Deen is near frozen.

I immediately saw the injustice of it. Because Paula is white and she used the “N” word over twenty years ago, she is presently a racist and intolerant. Because of course we are all exactly what we were twenty years ago. Yeah, and if you believe that I’m pretty certain I have an ocean front property to sell you in Arizona and by all rights I should be wearing a size 10. Okay, so that’s a farce.

Fired from the Food Network, no longer the spokesperson for Smithfield products, the future looks dim for the celebrity foodie. Or do they? Her fans are crawling out of the woodwork and screaming foul play. Boycotts of Food Network are in progress and subscribers are leaving the network in droves. I’m sure there will be plenty of repercussions for Smithfield as well.

Both the Food Network and Smishfield are looking for accolades for standing up for the oppressed. When in fact they are hypocritical goons that look like fools in the eyes of the masses. Sure, there are a few clapping their hands at such stupidity. But most see such behavior for what it is and do not condone hanging someone out to dry for something that happened years ago. So, is the Food Network going to ask their African American chefs if they have ever used derogatory descriptions of white people and fire them too? That’s a big no. Like I said, a bunch of hypocrites.

Sorry, I was rambling there. BTW…having a blog is kind of fun. Ranting is completely allowable. But, back to my point.

It is never okay to speak ill of anyone. I don’t care what color you are, the rules should be the same for everyone. We should all be held to the same measuring stick. All of us. We have become such a politically correct world that many are asking Paula to pay for the sins of generations past. Is that really fair? No, it’s not.

Hasn’t that already been done for us? Oh yeah, it has. Christ took care of it all on the cross. Now get over it.

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