Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Glasses, who needs glasses?

I remember going to the eye doctor at age 42. Then 43. Then 44. Each year I got the same message. “Once again, you have cheated reading glasses.”

I was smug. Oh yeah. Look at me. I don’t need reading glasses. Somehow I decided that still made me young. If my eyes are still young, the rest of me must be as well.

Then I turned 46. The first few months were good. Then it happened. I was reading and the letters no longer formed words, at least not from my vantage point. What happened? How had it happened? I believe the why was evident. I was getting old.

What was interesting is it wasn’t every day that my reading eyes failed me. As a matter of fact, I have my Bible opened next to me and I can see every word of Isaiah chapter 51 from a foot away, and no, it’s not large text. It’s itty-bitty tiny Bible print. But these days are now far and few between. It’s more often than not that my reading eyes refuse to cooperate.

When I first noticed my issue, I balked. I kicked. (Well, inwardly at least). I started wearing my glasses on a daily basis instead of my contacts, at least when I was home, as I could easily pull them off so I could read. For some reason, I can read just fine when my eyes are naked.

Vanity was at a full-scale war with necessity. Necessity won. I made my first trip to the dollar store to purchase my first pair of reading glasses. Now I’d done it. I’d gone and got old. I tried them on, peering into the mirror in the car while my husband’s cheeky grin almost got him a busted lip. “Don’t even start,” I warned him.

I deposited the glasses, case and all in the glove compartment of the car and conveniently forgot about them.

Fast forward a few months and I’m speaking for a group of ladies, attempting to read my Bible. Uh oh! Darn, why aren’t those glasses in my purse? Good thing I basically have the verses memorized. Whew!

One month later, it is now the exception (like today) that I can see to read without the glasses. On Sunday morning, I pulled them out of my purse, reluctantly, to see to read along with our Pastor. True, I could have read along on the big screen, but there is something about reading those verses straight from the book in your hands. I put them on and my husband leaned over and whispered. “Hey sexy.”

I grinned. I sat a little straighter as I perfected the technique of looking down through the glasses to read and looking above the rim to see what is happening around me. Something had changed. Instead of feeling old, I felt wise, like I had arrived. Yeah, I’m all that. The only thing that hadn’t changed was the fact I’m still dealing with my vanity! Ugh!


  1. When I think I'm old I think of Abraham and feel much better about my age....I'm not yet leaning on my cane and worshiping! LOL.

    You are "maturing" beautifully.

  2. Yes, good mental image. And thank you...I am so blessed!