Friday, February 22, 2013

Life Coaching...Life Changing

Recently I have had the opportunity to develop a friendship with a wonderful life coach, Terri Babers.

She reigns from the great state of Alaska and has had me journaling about life. My Terri. Terri, meet my world.

This past week I was prompted to look at the relationships in my life and how they relate to my dreams. I posted the following as a reply. My husband encouraged me to share this post with you all!

"Friendships are extremely important to me. I thrive on interaction and find I get pretty down if I do not have that "certain" friend to chat with.

For the first 6 months or so, after moving to Oklahoma, I felt isolated. I had not yet developed close friendships and while I still maintain my relationships from back home, it just isn't the same from a distance.

My husband and I are careful about who we surround ourselves with. We distanced ourselves from what we call toxic family and friends long ago. Not that we don't love them, we just don't love the impact they have upon us.

My husband is my best friend, my cheerleader and my realist. Although I must say, realist is a stretch as we are both dreamers. We encourage one another in accomplishing our goals and in some ways we are opposites. This keeps us balanced. He is my thinker-through-er and I am his spontaneity. Even with his realist tendencies, he is a dreamer through and through.

When you dream big, when you dream in living 3-D color, not many people understand. Finding people to actually relate to your dream is next to impossible. For a people person like myself, I have found myself associating with people who support me dreaming although they may not understanding the dream itself. They are still encouraging to the point they are a positive influence and not a drain of my energy and my focus."

If you are interested in ten weeks of free journaling with Terri, head to her website.

Here you go:

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  1. I totally understand the feeling isolated. When I first moved to the 'Ville I didn't know anyone. For a year, Mike was my only local friend. Thankfully I found my writing group. Greatest bunch of people and now some of my closest friends. Their encouragement has helped me accomplish my dream, which has led me to meet other great authors, yourself included. :oD