Friday, July 6, 2012

God's Divine Favour

Have you ever gone through something hard and wondered, Lord, for what purpose am I enduring this hardship?

I have. In fact, quite a few times. For instance, my husband and I have had the opportunity (I am using the word “opportunity” loosely here because I believe in looking at everything from a positive side of view) to witness up close and personal, several pairs of husbands and wives in an intimate, prolonged setting.

Yeah, it wasn’t always pretty. But, I learned a thing or two. I believe if you grow through it and learn from it, then it must have been worth it.

My husband and I believe in the very near future we will have a couple’s ministry. This time of learning has been invaluable and we’ll be putting together our material for speaking at couples retreats, valentine’s dinners and conferences very soon. We’re looking forward to it.

One of the things God has brought to our attention has to do with submission. Ladies, stay with me here. Guys, your turn is coming up, so don’t go anywhere.

I know. Submission is a hard word. Some would venture as far as calling it a bad word. Let me tell you something. It’s not. Submission is an awesome thing. It’s a Godly thing. And if you don’t do it, then don’t ask for anything else to do. Just sayin’. He isn’t going to expand your territory until you learn to submit to the authority in the territory you are in right now. Want to lead worship? Want to head up a women’s Bible study? Then learn to submit to your husband.

I know that was a hard sentence to grasp, so let me say it again. He isn’t going to expand your territory until you learn to submit to the authority in the territory you are in right now.

Yes, your home is a territory. Yes, your husband is your authority figure. If you are not submitting to his authority, you might as well not pray the prayer of Jabez. Or at the very least, leave the line out about increasing your territory. God will not give you more until you can handle what you have.

Husbands, the same goes for you. If you are not loving your wife like Christ loved the church, if you are not taking care of your territory, yes, your wife and children are your immediate territory, then don’t ask God for more until you do. If you care more about the family dog’s well being than the mental or physical stability of your wife, then God will not bless you for ministry. Your efforts will be fruitless. Your ministry will not be blessed. David was not allowed to build the temple, both because he was a man of war and because he did not have his house in order.

The things we have seen and heard over the past ten months or so make us cringe and shake our heads. And we wonder why the family is in such a sorry state.

In Christian homes, we have seen husbands treat their wives like they are dirt. We have witnessed men that are too proud to change and accept they can do wrong. We have seen men dismiss ideas their wives have because no one could know more about the subject at hand than they do. Pride, wasn’t that the sin of Satan?

Wives do not trust their husbands’ judgment and won’t honor them. They hide financial information from them; they are cunning and proud and refuse to defer to their husband’s good judgment. Wasn’t Jezebel this type of woman?

Ladies and gentlemen, husbands and wives, if you want to increase, if you want more, then learn to operate in the territory you have been given.

This type of behavior is happening in laymen’s houses, pastor’s houses, deacon’s and elder’s houses. I can assure you, the increase that has occurred has been by the sweat and sheer determination of such offenders of the faith, because God will not give increase if we are not taking care of what we have been given.

I love these words by Charles H. Spurgeon regarding Psalm 127. “God's blessing on his people as their one great necessity and privilege is here spoken of. We are here taught that builders of houses and cities, systems and fortunes, empires and churches all labour in vain without the Lord; but under the divine favour they enjoy perfect rest. Sons, who are in the Hebrew called "builders", are set forth as building up families under the same divine blessing, to the great honour and happiness of their parents. It is THE BUILDER'S PSALM. "Every house is builded by some man, but he that built all things is God", and unto God be praise.”

Psalm 127:1 “Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it.”

Are you experiencing God’s divine favour? Do you want to? Then learn to live the way God has called you to live. Wives, submit to your husbands. Husbands, love your wives and be willing to die for them.



  1. Sound advice, Darlene. The submission part is so hard for many women because Satan has done a good job of distorting what this term means. Men have abused their authority and misinterpreted it to mean that they can lord over and bully their wives. This was never God's intention for husband and wife. Thanks for clarifying.

  2. Brandi,

    Absolutely. Submission does not mean being a door mat! Just ask my hubby, he'll attest to that. I love that quote above about submission. We can question our husbands and we can input our opinions, with respect and honor for the position the Lord has placed him in.

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  4. As I began reading your post about submission my mind, as a survivor of spousal abuse, conjured up an altered concept with extremely grim images of my past. Which means I have a problem with the word 'submission.' I've come a long way since then and now, submission means a voluntary attitude of allegiance, support, and cooperating with my spouse 'as to the Lord.' The Lord does not abuse, because abuse is sin. Submitting to an abusive spouse is to incite sin. 1 Peter 3 urges wives to “do what is right.” Doing what is right is to take action to end the abuse. Thank you for your thougt-provoking post.

    1. Kathy, very good points! And I completely agree. Good healthy submission is Godly. For my up and coming book, I have studied scripture and I have been pleasantly surprised at the message the Lord has for men who do not treat their wives as Christ treated the church.