Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Every once in a while, you need a re-vamp. A new look. A new do. A new you!

It’s that time for Team Shortridge. We have moved from steadily coasting along to lightening speed high gear. We’re talking excessive speeds and sharp curves, only see the tail lights kind of change. Fast sports cars and never mind, we won’t go there. But, you get the idea. Things are changing here…and it’s all for the better.
First, if you’ve previously visited my blog, you’ll notice it has changed. Majorly. If you like what you read, we’ve made it easy for you to share with your friends. On the right, you’ll see every share button you can imagine, and then some. Please, share at will. As time goes by, you will also see some content changing within the blog. I am going to be doing more author interviews and promotions as well as bits and pieces that make up this thing called life.

My goal is that you will get to know me, the author. That you will enjoy visiting me here and that you will be reluctant to leave. When you leave, your heart should be full and a song should be on your lips.
The second change you will see is right below this portion of script. Until Forever has a brand new look. Exciting right? What’s even more exciting is, Until Forever is now available as an E-book on Amazon for only $2.99. It is also available for the new low price of $14.97 as a Paperback. Wait, it gets better. I’m giving you the heads up now because if I bought something, then learned it majorly went on sale right afterward, I’d be ticked. So, as my Mother’s Day gift to you, the e-book version of Until Forever will be absolutely free to you through Amazon on Friday May 11th, Saturday May 12th and Sunday May 13th. . What a deal, right? I do ask that you share this with anyone and everyone because everyone loves FREE!
Third, is my daughter’s new hair color. Well, let’s skip that cause she doesn’t like it anyway.
Fourth, and this isn’t so much a change as it is a reminder, I’m constantly looking to grow as a person as well as a writer. Please leave a comment whenever the mood strikes you. Your ideas and thoughts may be just what I need. One mind is good. Two minds are great. Three or more…let us think together and just imagine what we can accomplish! I look forward to hearing from you!

Until we meet again, use every Bit and every Piece to make your life a great one!

Love ya bunches!



  1. ;]. That picture looks JUST like me, Mother. I should make that my facebook default.

    On another note, the blog is great! I'm really feeling this new change and I look forward to more changes in the future!

  2. No dear, only the hair. At least tonight when you have big pile of hair sticking straight up.

    And thank you! Without all your help, it wouldn't be what it is.

    Love you!