Sunday, December 25, 2011

You Did It All For Us

You formed the world without lifting a finger. You created the sun then placed it exactly where it needed to be to suit our needs. Then you created the moon to light the night sky and keep the ocean waters in place. You provided fruits and vegetables, plants, grains and animals to provide for our every physical need. You created salty and sweet, bitter and sour, something to satisfy every desire, every taste.

You fitted the animals of the field for food, drink and clothes for our use. You painted the morning so vividly that whoever gazes in the easterly sky stops to admire your handiwork. Because you considered our every need, you created the sunset, which closes our days and signifies the time has come for rest. Everywhere we look, creation is varied and beautiful, proving again and again you are God.

You made us, male and female, to keep one another company, to love each other and to hold one another accountable. You gave us the ability to see, to hear, to taste, to feel and to smell. You thought of everything. You created blood and a heart that would pump it through our veins, carrying oxygen to every part of our bodies. You gave us minds so that we might look upon your creation and consider your handiwork. Every part of us was created that we might glorify you with our being.

Our days and our nights are filled with abundance. You are our provision, our help in times of need. When we call on your name, you are there, in the midst of trouble. You never leave us, nor forsake us. When we fail, when we fall, you are faithful to forgive us. No one can love us as you do.

Everything is possible because you allow it. Nothing is possible without your approval. You define the words love, mercy and grace. Your holiness is without fault. Your knowledge knows no end. You are truth and you are just. You are not to be questioned; yet you allow questions. You are the greatest gift this world has ever seen yet most deny your existence.

You left your heavenly home and came to a fallen world, simply because you love us. Everything you have done, you have done for us. You were born in manger, among the cows and sheep. You were wrapped in swaddling clothes. You left a world that is beyond our wildest imagination so that someday it might become our reality. Perfect love became our strongest defense.

You were born to die. That was your purpose. Your brought us truth and the light to make our paths straight. You took our every sin, our every pain and our every hurt and you held them on your shoulders when you were hanging on the cross. Your blood flowed, covering us, preparing us for eternity. Although we nailed you to that tree, still yet you loved us. You forgave us, showing us mercy when we deserved death. You died then rose again three days later to prove to the world you are indeed the Risen King.

You offer a free gift of salvation and yet most refuse to accept it. Nothing brings you more joy than when a child that was lost is found. You know no bounds yet your world revolves around us. You loved us so much that you gave up everything.

And you did it all for us.

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