Thursday, July 14, 2011

A High Class Bathroom!

I love all of God’s creation. I love to gaze upon the mountains. I love to listen to the ocean and watch the sunset over the horizon. I love forests and meadows, rivers and lakes, the wind and the sun. I love people (well, I’m trying!) and I love the creatures He made to roam the earth. Of all creation, one thing is my favorite. Flowers. I love them. I love flower gardens, wild flowers, bouquets and even the occasional dandelion that my son brings me.

I love their distinct smells. In the spring I can’t get enough of lilacs. I have to say I have clipped a few without permission in days past. The smell of roses nearly brings me to my knees. Hyacinths…what can I say? I have to have at least one potted plant in my home in the spring. Have to!

At the Farmer’s Market in Green Bay, a person can buy huge bouquets of wildflowers. They take my breath away. They are vibrant and bold. I have this wide mouthed vase that I love setting on a decorative table with these particular flowers in it. A mirror hangs about this table perfectly reflecting the flowers. Sometimes I will stand there, staring, thanking God for his beautiful creation.

Of all the types of flowers, none brings me quite as much joy as the ones my husband brings me. It’s usually a complete surprise, I open the door…he’s holding a beautiful bouquet of long red-stemmed roses adorned with baby’s breath and ferns. He runs his hand through his rakishly disheveled hair and smiles…whoa! Wake up Darlene. That has NEVER happened.

All right, this is the point in the post where I must say I love my husband. Very much. He perfectly completes me. He loves me. He is a wonderful father, a great husband, a wonderful provider. He is so many things! One thing he is not is a good “flower” giver.

When it comes to the “love languages”, he and I are at opposite ends of the spectrum. He needs words of encouragement, affirmation and respect. I need gifts. LOL Yep, I like presents. They don’t have to be expensive presents. They don’t have to be fancy. For whatever reason, my psyche recognizes love through gifts.

What is a woman to do? I have asked for flowers. I have left subtle hints (okay, maybe not so subtle hints): You haven’t brought me flowers recently…or it’s been six months (who’s counting?) since you brought me flowers. On occasion my pleas go unnoticed. Other times, I will receive a little bouquet he picks up at the grocery store. (True, they have no scent, but at least they look pretty!) I am appeased for a while.

Fast forward to today. Imagine my surprise when I go into the bathroom to clean and see my favorite wide mouthed vase, not full of glorious flowers, like it is intended for, but housing the toilet brush! WHAT???? YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME?????? I’ll give you one guess who did that!

I can hear him now “This vase doesn’t get used very often. Might as well put it to good use!” I wonder why?!!! Talk about the dog house. That man is in deep doo doo!

Lord, thank you for my husband. Amen.


  1. Try to look at the bright side him putting the toilet brush in the vase, that means he actually used it to clean right? Can't complain about a man who cleans the bathroom...well, maybe you can! Great post!

  2. Oh it hurts, I'm laughing so hard! That's awesome! LOL

  3. I used to receive musical stuffed animals...why he thought I'd want them, I have no idea...

  4. Lol, don't put him in the doghouse, Darlene. Have him clean the bathroom for you the next time it's up for a scrubbing. Have a fun weekend!

  5. I was praying about what to write when I went into the bathroom to clean it. It took me about two know exactly what to write! I figured all of you needed a good laugh!

  6. He's a really classy guy to even think of putting a toilet brush in that beautiful glass vase! I'm not kidding! Thanks for the laugh. Love it!